rmellis 02/02/2021

Book Size updated to a maximum
of: 2560 Disabled The End Credits

Our Platform, Purpur that is a fork
of Tuinity that is a fork of Paper
that is a fork of Spigot that is a
fork of Bukkit Platform Updated

Fixed lightning bolt sound.
Fixed beehive direction being flipped.
Verious Skin fixes and optimizations.
Added Ender Dragon effects and sounds.
Fixed how items react on campfires.
Fixed angry enderman not making provoked sound.
Addeded Thrown potion entity color.
Fixed anvil renaming.

Also added Premium version of
Offline Crop Grow, see details

    Google Cache Link provided because the actual
    page requires login to the SpigotMC site to view.

                    This may not display in the FireFox browser due to
                     in now being one of the worse browsers out there...