rmellis 07/03/2021

Faction Guide by Tallulah95🐱 Check it out Here

placeing blocks in survival will refill stacks if more exists in inventory.
Farmland can be created without water so long as dirt is below.
Stonecutters will now give 1 damage when stood on.
will now ignores nearby mobs.
always drops the max possible XP it can.
and Trade llama are now rideable.
Wandering Traders can now be Leashed
now have a working hostile AI.
Ghast Block Griefing
is now disabled.
a Dragon's Head will cause Enderman not to attack.
Feeding a cow 6 mushrooms will turn it into a Mushroom Cow.
Change a Fox variant by right clicking with tulips.

1% chance to encounter a Vindicator named Johnny.
Rabid wolves
can be cured with Milk.