rmellis 14/03/2021

Max Packet Rate Changed from 500pps to 550pps.
Connection Throttle increased from 4000 to 8000 as an attempt to allow 2 players to be able to join at the same exact second which would normally result in being kicked with the message "Connection Throttled!".
Moved Wrongly Threshold up from 15.0625 to 20.0625.
Moved too quickly multiplier increased from 105 > 150.

Moved too quickly Threshold increased from 900 > 1000.
Timeout (kick) increased from 40 seconds to 60 seconds.

Changed server restart kick message "§6§l§oFloydCraft§r §eis restarting.. §aCome back soon!".
Spigot's built in item despawn rate up from 6000 to 9000.

Ender Dragons will now always drop Dragon Egg on Death.
Auto Save interval reduced from 6000 to 12000.

Default light engine with a better alternative


Incase anyone missed the stats update from last month.. you can check your stats on the server below http://api.floydcraft.co.uk/Stats.jsp