rmellis 17/01/2021
We have an new
discord server gif
for over Christmas,
the origional server gif
will be restored on the
6th January 2021

The ban list on the Website Here now displays
from the #banned-players channel instead of
displaying content directly from the database.

New Discord Server Emojis:
   :Wheat~1: :WarpedFungus: :TubeCoral: :SphaxIcon: :SphaxGlobe: :SphaxChest: :SnowGrass: :SnowBlock: :PumpkinFly: :PeonyFlower: :NetheriteSword: :MinecraftFolder: :LockedChest: :JackoLantern: :HoneyComb: :HoneyBottle:
   :HayBlock: :Enchant: :FiskInBukkit: :DragonFireball: :CrimsonFungus: :CraftingTable: :AxeOnBlock: :Bee: :BerryBush: :BloodSword: :BubbleCoral: :Cake: :Apple: :Apple~1: :ChestInMinecart: :MiniNuke:

added shaped crafting recipes to create a full
set of chainmail armor using chains, also
Discord Voice Chat channels audio quality
has been enhanced from 64Kbps to 128Kbps