rmellis 22/01/2021
Water is now peaceable in the end
•The server will now tick faster when below 20 in an
 attempt to keep the average TPS as close to 20 as possible

•Enchantments infinity and mending can be used on the same item

stopped mushroom blocks from updating it's state server side
Enderchest is now the size of a double chest
Crying Obsidian is now valid for portal frames
Farmland can be made wet by placing water below it
Farmland will remain farmland when wall or fence is placed on it
Right click on a sign to edit it
Text can be colored on signs and anvils (pluginless)
Chests can now be opened even with a solid block sat on it
milk now cures the bad omen effect
Items with custom Names, lore and other NBT
will be preserved when mined and re collected

totem of undying now works just in the inventory, no need to hold.
AFK players are now flagged as sleeping
Minecarts can now be controlled on rail with W A S and D
Minecarts can now be placed on any surface
Silk Touch now works on spawners
Doubled the durability of elytra
Phantoms will ignore players holding a touch
Ender Dragon will always drop an Dragon Egg
Enderman Griefing is now blocked
Feed cows 6 Mushrooms for a Mushroom Cow
Horse's and Mule's will now swim in water
Feed a wolf some milk to stop it being angry
Baby mountable mobs are now rideable
The server now won't kick you if one
gets dropped somewhere