rmellis 22/01/2021
  Bedrock updated floydcraft.online Thred Pool upped from 32 -> 64
Custom Heads
now work
Chunks can Cache
client side like on java
Added support Capes and Ears working with 5Zig Capes and MinecraftCapes.net
ping passthrough interval
changed from 3 -> 2
Added Microsoft account compatibility aswell as Mojang account
Removed Resource pack checks

Updated Offline Crop Growth
Fixed plants not being removed from database when they are not present anymore Sweet berry bush and COCOA added
  Updated Bedrock Support
updated upstream to match latest version thus not replying on ViaVersion for protocol conversion and not timing out
  Fixed Exploit in Skin Restored
There was an strange exploit where you could view the servers IP on the other side of its CDN via abstract imgur links