rmellis 27/03/2021

Forgot to add support for 1.9 - 1.15.2 clients last week, They have now been added back

FloydCraft LAN Proxy Has Updated - supporting PS4, XB1, NiS, Android, IOS, Windows mobile and any other bedrock capable platform (NOT Apple TV or Windows 8)
- it was abandoned by MS) Download #🔧┃𝖣evelopment or #🧩┃𝖡edrock-𝖫an𝖯roxy Here's the Huge ChangeLog for this update: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/sVHr4w7sM3/ The huge changelog is also why this release has taken longer to update than normally

*Fixed protocol change in LanProxy
floydcraft.online (Bedrock Address) protocol updated

wart farmers will no longer plant vegetables on soul sand. You can now break individual slabs when sneaking. You can now 1 punch kill mobs when in Creative Mode.
Stuck fireballs will auto despawn after 5 Minutes. Chunks Will not load Below NPC's (NPC spawned after)