rmellis 29/03/2021
We’ve added custom Achievements.. which are: Place 5 Blocks, Brake 3 Blocks, Kill 3 Entities, Craft 2 Items, Bread 1 Sheep, Join the Server one time, die, Shoot 50 Arrows, Throw 1000 Snowballs, Throw 1000 Eggs, Hook a Fish, Break a tool, Eat something, Milk a Cow, Fill 10 Buckets with Lava, Fill 10 Buckets with Water, Trade with a Villager, Repair an item, Enchant 5 things, Sleep 5 times, Reach level 10, Drink 100 Potions, Play 1 full hour, Drop 15 items, Pickup 40 items, Use an Hoe 10 times, Use bone meal 15 times, Tame an animal, Brew a potion, Launch 10 Fireworks, Use a Jukebox, use 10 Ender Pearls, smelt 250 items, Travel 100 blocks on foot, Travel 500 blocks on a Horse, Travel 100 blocks in an Minecart, Travel 200 blocks in an Boat, Fly 100 blocks within Elytra, Travel 150 blocks on an llama, Travel 500 blocks whilst sneaking, Throw things at villagers, Try to break granny’s windows, Win a Raid, Win 10 Raids, Use a trident with the Riptide enchantment to kill a mob, Vote 10 times, Take part in the special event (comeing later).
All these are Achievements and are not mainly for rewards so don't be disappointed if you get something basic if not anything at all... but some are surprisingly good rewards e.g. one of them gives you the ability to breath under water for 30% longer... In the Achievements list you'll see a block of Terracotta, the color of the block determines the progress of any achievements, if you haven’t done one yet it will be red, if you're currently working on an achievement then the block will be yellow. If you have completed an achievement, then the block will appear Green. The progress bar on Mouse Over will also change color depending on your progress in the same color order (Red, Yellow and Green) Red - Not Done Yellow - In Progress Green - Complete If the Terracotta is Glazed, it means it's a rare achievement /aa stats - Player specific statistics for Achievements /aa list - Display list if all achievements that can be earnt /aa top - Top Achievements