rmellis 04/04/2021

SkyGrid now has portals to SkyGrid-Nether and SkyGrid-End

Added Player Analytics, see your server generated profile with the discord command ?MyStats The database was only created yesterday so the'll not be a log for anyone who has not played for a few days

Images posted in #💬┃𝖫ive-𝖨n𝖦ame-𝖢hat are now viewable in the server via an Image Map, Even animated .GIF's!
after 20 seconds the map will despawn

Players can show off there inventory in discord by simply typing in chat "[inv]" an screenshot of your characters inventory will appear in #💬┃𝖫ive-𝖨n𝖦ame-𝖢hat
You can also show off your Ender Chest content by typing in chat [ender]

Links posted into #💬┃𝖫ive-𝖨n𝖦ame-𝖢hat will no longer appear in chat as a link, instead it will now show like [filename.psd] clicking on the text will function as a link

Updated FAWE (World Edit)
More Details on Discord in #💬 recent updates