rmellis 06/04/2021

Players can now Tame and Bread Foxes
Use raw chicken to tame them and sweet berries to breed them!
Features: 33% Chance of taming
50% chance of Breeding Foxes can Leap on targets
Tamed foxes sleep when their owner does
Tamed foxes follow there owner You can shift + right-click to let the fox hold items in its mouth
Right-click to make the fox sit
If the fox is holding a totem of undying, the fox will consume it and be reborn on death.
Foxes attack the owner's target Foxes attack
whatever attacked the owner.

Foxes attack chickens and rabbits.
Both foxes supported: Snow and red.
A meessage for when a tamed fox dies
Foxes sleep on the bed with their owner.
If your fox dies holding an item theres a 80%
chance it will be dropped.
If your fox dies holding an item theres
a 20% it will be lost
Fixed exploit where players could use a pet to carry items from Creative Plots to the normal survival worlds