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FloydCraft Universal FAQ
Before Asking a Question in the Chat it May be worth checking here first to see if you’r Question has already been Answered

[Q] How do i Login?
[A] When you first login to the server you will have to register you’r username, To do this type in chat /register password password After that every time you login you need to type /login password

[Q] How do i Buy Items?
[A] Use /shops Gold was Money in FloydCraft and can be sold for 1 Floyd per nugget in the shop menu, below is how much you can sell gold for,
     [1] Gold Nugget = 1 Floyd
     [1] Gold Ingot = 9 Floyd
     [1] Gold Block = 81 Floyd

[Q] How to Manage Homes
[A] When you find a place to set up home you will want to try /sethome this will allow you to come back to this location any time by typing /home If you would like to set more than 1 home you can type /sethome name you can then get to that location by typing /home name. the original home will be named home so if you wish to go back there you can type /home home. you can set unto 3 homes and 1 faction home.

[Q] How to get a Kit
[A] To get a kit type in chat /kits This will show you the Available kits, We recommend the FloydCraft kit because its awesome to get the kit type in chat /kit FloydCraft Case Sensitive. That means the F and the C must be upper case for the kit to work.

[Q] How do i use warps and can i set my own warps?
[A] to view the warps you can visit you can ether type /warps and see them in chat or you can use the Warp Compass in you’re Inventory or type/wc, The warp compass will show you the main warps on our server, to visit one simply click on it. If you want to get to a warp with commands type /warp name if you want to setup you’re one warp so other players can visit e.g. a show warp you can buy one for  1000 Floyd simply pay a owner that is online and tell them what you want, they will then set the warp up for you

[Q] How to become a Vampire and what is it?

[A] To become a Vampire you will need to visit the Altair of Darkness, This can be found at /warp alters the Altair will request that you bring some items. To all information on Vampires see the page linked in Below.
[Q] can we use Hacked Clients?
[A] Yes! We welcome you to use any hacked client you want and to test out your clients here, We allow some basic features such as X-ray and freedom, But to unlock everything else e.g. survival nuke ability etc you will have to pay 1000 Floyd To get the /hax command that will exempt you from the anti cheat systems

[Q] How do i get Ranks?
[A] To get ranks in Floydcraft all you have to do is Play, We do not encourage you to donate however if you really don’t want to have to wait to be VIP you can donate for a donator rank that is the same as VIP, To see all ranks on the server type /ranks You will start on the Survival Rank, to get the Adv rank you need to build a house with 2 floors and decorate it, to get pro you need to make a bigger and better build and play for a while longer, after that you can earn the VIP rank by ranking up over time in Survival and building some good stuff after so long you will get the rank.. after this you are eligible to win a Free Premium Minecraft Account! and you may even be selected to become a Mod or Admin after time if you are helpful.

[Q] How to create a Faction
[A] To create a Faction type in chat /f create name then type /f desc name this will create a faction and set its Description, To claim land stand in the area you want to claim and type /f claim do not attempt to claim over any other players land unless they are declared a enemy for information on on this and more faction commands type /f help
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