Anti Wither Destruction

AntiWitherDestruction [Removed]


AntiWitherDestruction is a very lightweight plugin to protect your world from being destroyed by the Wither.

This plugin cancels the explosions coming from the Wither, the inital explode and the projectile explode when they hit a block. Players and mobs will recieve damage though!


  • – Prevents griefing with the help of Wither.
  • – Prevents your world being destroyed by those annoying holes!
  • – Works for 1.5.1 and later


Version 0.3

Compatible with 1.5.2 and later

Version 0.2

  • FIXED Wither occasional damage caused by coming into contact with a block

Version 0.1

  • Release
  • 1.4.2-BB (Beta Build) support

To-do list

  • Nothing, PM me with ideas!
  • (Notice that this plugin is only for preventing block damage, not to control Wither spawning)


Simply drag AntiWitherDestruction.jar into your plugins folder and startup your server! No config!


If you find AntiWitherDestruction helps your server, or has made your life easier, please consider donating! Donate here!


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