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Bedrock Breaker


Hey, thanks for checking out Bedrock Breaker! I’ve been asked several times if I could make an enchant that would allow players to break bedrock. It took some time but I finally did it. This plugin allows your players to break bedrock with a custom enchantment added to their pick. You can customize the drop rate of the bedrock. There is also protection to disallow breaking of bedrock below and above certain Y values. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the discussion. This currently only works with 1.11. If you would like it in a different version you can message me.

Also, if you want to see any features added, simply ask in the discussion because I love new ideas!


  • Place the jar in your server’s plugin folder.
  • Restart your server.
  • Configure the config


  • /bedrockbreaker – will open a list of commands.
  • /bedrockbreaker reload – will reload your config
  • /bedrockbreaker add – will add BedrockBreaking to your pick


  • bedrockbreaker.admin – allows use of /bedrockbreaker commands
  • bedrockbreaker.player – gives player access to use the Bedrock Breaker

This is just a copy of the default. You can change the values to anything you desire.

Code (Text):
#DropRate is the percentage chance that bedrock will drop. If you want it to drop every time just put 100. Values range from 1 – 100.
DropRate: 60
#Does fortune on a pick effect the drop rate of bedrock?. Values either true or false.
FortuneDropRate: false
#If above is set to true you need to set the luck rate. Percentage chance
FortuneLevel1: 65
FortuneLevel2: 75
FortuneLevel3: 85
#This is for level 4 and higher.
FortuneLevel4: 95
#EnchantmentRate is the percentage chance that a player will get Bedrock Breaking from a enchantment table. Values range from 1 – 100.
EnchantmentRate: 5
#MinimumEnchantmentLevel is the minimum experence level required to spend to get the BedrockBreaking enchantment. Values range from 1 – 30.
MinimumEnchantmentLevel: 27
#CostOnAnvil is how much it would cost extra to work on a pick with BedrockBreaking. This doesn’t set a price. It adds to the default price set by minecraft.
CostOnAnvil: 5
#ShowParticles lets you choose if you want particles to be displayed when a block is broken or destroyed. Values are true or false.
ShowParticles: false
#AmountOfDamage is the amount of damage done to the pick when bedrock is broken.
AmountOfDamage: 3
#ymin and max allows you to disallow breaking bedrock below or above a certain y level in the listed world. You can add as many worlds as you want to this list.
ymin: 4
ymax: 256
ymin: 4
ymax: 123
ymin: 0
ymax: 256

Would you like to see a new feature? Find bugs? Please message me before leaving a bad review.

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