• /clearchat clear (clears the public chat)
  • /c (a fast way to clear the public chat)
  • /cc (clears your own chat)
  • /clock (locks the chat) v1.2 and up
  • /clearchat version (the version of the plugin)
  • /clearchat reload (reload the config)


  • /clearchat clear or /c “clearchat.clear”
  • /cc “”
  • /clock “clearchat.lock” (give a player “” if you want them to be able to chat when the chat is locked) v1.2 and up
  • /clearchat reload “chatclear.reload”
  • “clearchat.ignore” (when a player has this permission he wont see the /c or /clearchat clear message) v1.2 and up


  • use %Name in the config to show the name from the one who cleared the chat (this can be used in /clearchat clear, /c and /cc)

how your config should look

clear-message: ‘&1[&bClearChat&1] &bChat has been cleared by&d %Name&b.’

cc: ‘&1[&bClearChat&1] &3%Name&b You have cleared your own chat’

no-permission: ‘&4[&cClearChat&4] &cyou dont have permission to this command’

Reload: ‘&1[&bClearChat&1] &bConfig reloaded.’

lock-msg: ‘&1[&bClearChat&1] &3the chat is locked!’

lock: ‘&1[&bClearChat&1] &b%Name&3 has locked the chat!’

unlock: ‘&1[&bClearChat&1] &b%Name &3has unlocked the chat!’

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