Command Signs


We use this to put various functions onto signs, this is rarely used but here for future use.

Description :
This plugin provides to admins the possibility to create special blocks (Signs, Buttons or Pressure Plates) which when a player interact with them will execute the commands that has been set for this specific block.

Admins also have the possibility to grant temporary permissions to players.
E.g : if your players do not have the warp permission but you want them to be able to /warp arena by a command sign, you could add the temporary permissions :

You can also set required permission for the command block to be usable.
E.g : If you want only VIP people to go into a specific area, you could add the required permission

Basic tutorial (by ServerMiner) :

Basic Commands :
/commandsign create
/commandsign edit
/commandsign help


  • Spigot 1.14 is only supported by CommandSigns version 2.1.x and 2.2.x
  • Spigot 1.13 is only supported by CommandSigns version 1.6.8 and 2.0.x and 2.2.x
  • Spigot 1.12 is only supported by CommandSigns version 1.6.7

(See version history to get the one you need)

User Guide:

Common problems

  • If your block is in a Worldguard area, you might want to add the Use/Interact permission in the zone permissions.

How to ask for help ?
These should be in every help request :

  1. Note the version of spigot you are using
  2. Note the version of command signs (/ncs version)
  3. Note any error in the logs
  4. Note the configuration of the sign that is not working

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