A bukkit/spigot utility plugin that allows you to hide desired messages or errors that appear on server console and logs. The messages or errors are only hidden and not fixed! Useful if you want to hide errors or messages that spam the server console and get huge sized server logs. This plugin was made to stop console spam when you can’t have the issue fixed, to prevent other issues because of intense console spam and unreadable console logs. It’s very useful on modded servers where some mods can cause a lot of console spam. This does not hide all errors! Only the ones you configure to be hidden!

Note! On modded servers some errors my not be hidden by this plugin due the fact that mods run on forge and some console messages are sent outside the main server thread. If you have messages that this plugin can’t hide please post them on the Discussion page.

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  • The plugin should work fine on any bukkit/spigot server no mater the version. It works on KCauldron modded servers too.
  • Hides configured messages from appearing on server console and logs.
  • Easy to configure. Check the plugin config file.
  • Reload command to apply the config changes without a server restart.
  • Performance friendly, no TPS drops.

No Dependencies

Install instructions

  • Place the plugin in the server plugins folder.
  • Start the server and the config file will be generated on the first run.
  • Change the config settings anytime and run the command /csf reload to apply the changes.
  • Done, enjoy.

– Allow the use of config reload command. Default to OP.

/csf reload
csf.admin – Reload the plugin config.

Configuration example:

#Add here the messages you want to hide from your console and logs.
#Each line represents a new message.
#NOTE! You dont need to add the full message!
#The plugin will hide all messages that contain the text added below.
# Messages-To-Hide-Filter:
# – ‘WARNING: unlocalizedName’
# All messages that will appear in the server console that contain these words ‘WARNING: unlocalizedName’ will be hidden and they will not appear on logs or console.
# If you have large errors you dont have to type the full error. But the more words you add the more accurate will be and will not hide other messages that may contain the words added in the filter.
– ‘WARNING: unlocalizedName’
– ‘look up profile properties for’

#Chat messages with color and format codes support.
#Minecraft Color and Format Codes:

NoPermission: ‘&4[System] &cYou don”t have permission!’
CmdHelp: ‘&4[System] &cAvailable commands:&6 /csf reload’
CmdReload: ‘&2[System] &aConfig reload complete!’

This plugin does not hide all error messages from the server console and logs! This plugin hides only the messages/errors you add to the config file!

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