Clicks Per Second

Clicks Per Second

​We use this plugin to let players test there Clicks per second in the arcade at spawn.

This plugin will work on 1.7, AND 1.8. Since this plugin has nothing to do with UUIDs, I wouldn’t need to change anything to make it support 1.8.

Clicks Per Second
Have you ever wanted to stop people just stop spamming clicks? Well here is your plugin!


  • Customisable Max Clicks
  • Intervals in messages
  • Customisable Commands (Multiple)
  • Player Kicking
  • Colour Support for Messages

Commands and Permissions:

Commands all start with /cps! (No Aliases, as of now)
You can get access to all commands with cps.admin permission.

reload [Reloads the Config] – cps.reload
view <Player> [View the current CPS of a player] – cps.view

Click here for the configuration help page!

For all those that are looking for the options for Checking Actions, here is the list:

Code (Text):
Right Click Air – When a player right clicks the air
Left Click Air – When a player left clicks the air
Right Click Block – When a player right clicks a block
Left Click Air – When a player left clicks a block
Physical – Stepping onto or into a block (Ass-pressure)
Examples: Jumping on soil Standing on pressure plate
Triggering redstone ore Triggering tripwire

This plugin uses metrics to send anonymous data to There is no way to disable it as of now.

Developer API:

Click here if your a developer and want to use this plugin.

I would appreciate if someone could make a video of this plugin. If you did, please post it here!

Any requests for updates are fine. If you have any questions, please leave them here, or in the discussions.

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