Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards

We use this plugin for “Floyd the Creeper” in spawn, an NPC which when punched allows players to claim a daily reward every 24 hours.
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Daily Rewards is a fairly advanced plugin that rewards your players daily by simply running a command. Not only is it extremely customizable, but it is also extremely stable – major bugs are squashed near instantly and minor bugs will always be hunted down and squished as well. You can count on this plugin to get the job you require done effectively and efficiently.Features:
  • Customizable rewards and reward categories​
  • Customizable permissions​
  • Customizable messages​
  • Customizable cooldown​
  • Random reward feature​
  • UUID Support​
  • IP Support​
  • Locally stored player data​
  • MySQL support​
  • PlaceholderAPI support​
  • Auto update detector​
  • Built for spigot/craftbukkit 1.13.2 – 1.14.3​
  • Versions available for 1.7 – 1.12.2​

Commands & Permissions:
/Reward – Default Permission: dr.claim
/Dailyrewards – Permission: dr.admin

When you put a reward’s permission to true, the player must have the permission: dr.(reward’s name here)


  • Requires Java 8 when used in a home hosted server



The current version of this plugin may require different string values for sounds depending on your version due to the changes to bukkit effect names between each update – the default config strings are configured to 1.10+ by default, if you are using a spigot version older than 1.10, use these sound effects in your config.

You can download older versions of this plugin in the version history tab, or click here

Config.yml default configuration
Messages.yml default configuration

  • You can have as many reward lines as you want​
  • Send multiple commands on one line by putting a semicolon between the commands (Example: say 1;say 2;say 3)​


  • Player’s name – %player%
  • Remaining cooldown time – %time%
  • Remaining cooldown hours – %h%
  • Remaining cooldown minutes – %m%
  • Remaining cooldown seconds – %s%

PlaceholderAPI Placeholders:

  • Remaining cooldown time – %dailyrewards_remaining_time%
  • Remaining cooldown hours – %dailyrewards_remaining_hours%
  • Remaining cooldown minutes – %dailyrewards_remaining_minutes%
  • Remaining cooldown seconds – %dailyrewards_remaining_seconds%
  • Configurable reward available message – %dailyrewards_player_reward_available%
  • Configurable no rewards available message – %dailyrewards_player_no_rewards%
  • Configurable current reward availability status message – %dailyrewards_player_test_qualification%


By donating I will put your spigot username or name in the list below along with the amount donated, if you are the owner of a server and donate I will put your server IP in bold font at the top of the plugin page and mark you as a sponsor. Thanks for considering donating to my projects!

play.Maestrea.com ($20)
Alexander L. ($5)
xorange ($5)

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