Easy Ender Pearl Cooldown

Source: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/easyenderpearlcooldown.77409/

We use this plugin as a simple solution for stopping players spam throwing Ender Perl’s all over the place.

A very easy customizable EnderPearl cooldown plugin!
My first plugin here on SpigotMC!
I would advise not to use on a running server unless you have already tested it and like its features!
From my testing I would now like your ideas on how I can grow this plugin!

Code (YAML):
#      Config File V1.1
#      Made by Trendypanda
#      Discord: TrendyPanda#1453
Version: 1.1-Snapshot
  Cooldown-Time-Seconds: 10
  Cooldown-Started-Message: '&5Cooldown has started!'
  Cooldown-On-Message: '&5You must wait another %time% before using another enderpearl!'
  Cooldown-Bypass-Permission: 'EnderPearlCooldown.Bypass'
# Pearl Fix Stops people from enderpearling onto blocks.
# Put to false if you want players to throw a enderpearl when right clicking a block and entities.
  PearlFix: true

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