FactionsEssentials [Removed]


This plugin handles a lot of the necessary perks and commands that factions servers need, all in one plugin! Refer to the Commands & Permissions section! This plugin includes the following features:

  • Configurable messages & prefixes
  • Anti-swear system (with auto-mute!)
  • Tnt crafting with one command
  • Nightvision Handler
  • Freeze players
  • Toggle nofall damage
  • Anti-World downloader
  • Fill nearby dispensers with tnt in inventory
  • Smelt ores / food
  • Lightning on death
  • Disable Death Screen (Instant respawn)
  • Fake op / deop
  • Chat management! (Clear chat, toggle chat)
  • Color / formats list (to help the players that do not know the minecraft color codes)
  • Custom gamemode that is an improvement on the “spectator” game mode, which prevents abuse by staff, and allows them to freely spectate players!
  • Staff list / online players list! (/who)
  • Golden Apple Cooldown
  • Enchanted Golden Apple Cooldowns
  • Death Messages (in the action bar! ;o)
  • No fall damage (toggleable)
  • /wild teleporter with Faction support
  • Player Spy! – View a targets inventory / armor they’re wearing!
  • Allow shift+right clicking on others to PlayerSpy them!
  • Keep XP on death
  • Armor break notifications (toggleable)
  • No plain old glass bottles when you drink a potion
  • Ping
  • Trash GUI
  • Login / logout messages in the action bar instead of chat
  • Disables wither creation
  • Chat mentions! (when a player mentions your name in chat, you get a notification!)
  • Sponge absorbs lava!
  • Command blocker
  • Anti-Wither creation
  • Disable hunger (permissible)
  • Auto Lapis Lazuli filler for Enchanting Tables
  • Auto Blaze Powder filler for Brewing Stands (1.9+ versions only)


[ENGLISH] Full Video Tutorial
(Plugin version 1.2.4 in video)
Special thanks to @xGardiac_ for offering to make this!

[GERMAN] – Review / Video Tutorial (Plugin version 1.2.4 in video)
Special thanks to @ToxienPvP for offering to make this!


  • This plugin supports all versions from 1.8 and above. :D
  • This plugin supports GroupManager and PermissionsEx. If you do not use these permission handlers, the toggle feature may not work for you.


This plugin IS compatible with FactionsUUID & MassiveCore Factions


Please note: All messages are configurable!
When armor gets broken (toggleable)
When a player enables staff chat
[​IMG]/who command

/ping command

Notch apple cooldown notifier

/wild command

/creeper command

Sponge stopping lava

When a player says a blocked word

/smelt command

/filltnt command

/tnt command (crafting tnt)

/freeze command

Staff chat

Server join messages sent directly to the player (Again.. its customization, my branding wont be there if you choose to change it. You can also disable this feature).

View what a player is wearing, their potion effects and more! (/playerspy <player)

And many, MANY more!


Code (Text):
Give this permission to staff: fess.staff & this to admins: fess.admin
/fess – no permission needed, given to everyone.
/colors – no permission needed, given to everyone.
/formats – no permission needed, given to everyone.
/who – no permission needed, given to everyone.
– fess.freeze
/nightvision (alias: /nv)
– fess.nightvision
– fess.nofall
– fess.nofalltoggle (give both to groups)
– fess.creeper
– fess.tnt
– (given by default)
[INDENT] people who have the permission: fess.staff will be shown in the staff list[/INDENT] /ping
– fess.ping
– fess.smelt
– fess.fakeop
– fess.fakedeop
/staffchat (alias: /sc)
– fess.staff
– fess.filltnt
– fess.wild
– fess.trash
/playerspy <player> (alias: /ps <player>)
– fess.playerspy
[INDENT]- fess.admin[/INDENT] /toggle
– fess.nofalltoggle
– fess.armorbreaktoggle
/spectate <toggle / tp / vanish> (Alias: /spec)
[INDENT]- fess.spectate[/INDENT] – fess.vanish
– fess.tp[/INDENT] /chat
– fess.glear (Clear global chat)
– fess.pclear (Clear your own chat)
– fess.toggle (Toggle the chat)
– fess.togglebypass (Players that have this permission can talk when chat is toggled – give to staff)Extra perms which you can give to donors:
fess.nofall – gives no fall damage
fess.keepxp – allows player to keep xp on death
fess.nohunger – disables hunger for player
fess.nofalltoggle – Allows players to toggle their no fall.
fess.armorbreak – Alerts users when their armor breaks
fess.nobottle – Removes empty bottles from inventory when player drinks potions
fess.armorbreaktoggle – allows toggling of the armor break notifications (titles)
fess.lapis – allows enchanting tables to auto-fill lapis for this player
fess.blaze – allows enchanting tables to auto-fill blaze for this player
fess.bypass – Allows bypassing of cooldowns + the command blocker!


Code (Text):
#Here, you can modify majority of the action bar messages / chat messages of the plugin!
#I’ve put it all in one file, so you don’t have to fiddle with multiple files.
#Please don’t forget to review this plugin. – ENJOY!#Define which plugins you have here to enable compatibility. Failure to do so, will lessen the quality
#of your experience. — Also, if you use FactionsOne, please enable the “Factions” setting. it’s compatible!
Factions: false
FactionsUUID: false
WorldGuard: false
GroupManager: false
PermissionsEx: false

Prefix: “&9Factions&bEssentials&e>”
No-Permission: “&4No permission&c – If you believe this to be an error, contact an Administrator.”
Cooldown-Bypass-Msg: “&bYou were granted a cooldown bypass from the magical gods.”
Logout-ActionBar-Msg: “&a{PLAYER} &2has left the server.”
Login-ActionBar-Msg: “&a{PLAYER} &2has joined the server.”
Item-Smelted: “&6Item(s) smelted!”
Cant-Smelt-Item: “&cYou can’t smelt this item!”
Mention-Msg: “&a{PLAYER} &2has mentioned you in chat!”
Freeze-Msg: “&4(&c&l!&4) &cYou have 5 minutes to get on teamspeak, or face the consequences – &e/teamspeak &4(&c&l!&4)”
Potion-No-Glass-Bottle: “&6&lYou automagically discarded the empty XP Bottle due to your rank. &e&lThanks for donating!”
Keep-XP-on-death: “&6&lYou have kept your XP due to your rank. &e&lThanks for donating!”
No-Fall-Damage: “&6&lYou took no fall damage due to your rank. &e&lThanks for donating!”
Blocked-Message: “&cYou have been punished for using a blocked word!”
Notify-Staff-Blocked-Message: “&4{PLAYER} &chas used a naughty word! They have been automatically punished. #fessProfanity”
Armor-Break-Subtitle-Msg: “&eYou’d better replace it!”
Spawned-Creeper: “&e&lYou have spawned a creeper.”
Fall-damage-toggle-on: “&eNo-fall &aEnabled&e.”
Fall-damage-toggle-off: “&eNo-fall has been &cDisabled &euntil toggled again or you relog.”
No-TNT-in-inventory: “&c&lYou do not have any TNT!”
No-Nearby-Dispensers: “&7There are no dispensers near you.”
Filled-Dispensers: “&c&lYou have filled &c{DISPENSERS} &7dispensers with &c{TNT} &7TNT!”
Armor-break-notification-toggle-on: “&7You will now be notified when your armor breaks!”
Armor-break-notification-toggle-off: “&7You will no longer be notified when your armor breaks!”
StaffChat-Enabled: “&eYou have &aenabled &eStaff Chat!”
StaffChat-Disabled: “&eYou have &cdisabled &eStaff Chat!”
StaffChat-Prefix: “&9Staff>”
Trash-Name: “&9Trash bin”
Enderpearl-Cooldown-Message: “&cYou cannot use an enderpearl for another &4{COOLDOWN} &cseconds.”

#Set the cooldown in seconds.
#To bypass the cooldowns, add the permission: fess.bypasscd
Creeper-Cooldown: 600
Tnt-Cooldown: 120
setWaypoint-Cooldown: 3600
Enderpearl-Cooldown: 150
Filltnt-Radius: 15

#Here you can modify the ticks which the title bars show. (works for freeze and the blocked-words feature)
#I suggest leaving it as i have set. [20 Ticks = 1 second] TitleBar-FadeIn: 15
TitleBar-FadeOut: 15
TitleBar-ShowTime: 90

#/spectator configuration! (placeholders: {PLAYER} & {TARGET})
#Permission for notifications (to help prevent abuse) is: Fess.notify
#If you don’t know what this does, it allows staff to spectate others, without being dmged and
#it also prevents abuse! – It’s pretty much spectator mode.. but with more protective features. (Yes, i pretty much created my own game mode. lol
Enable-Alerts: false
AlertPrefix: “&c&lWARNING>”
Activated-Spectating-Mode: “&6{PLAYER} &ehas &a&lactivated &espectator mode!”
Deactivated-Spectating-Mode: “&6{PLAYER} &ehas &c&ldeactivated &espectator mode!”
Not-In-Spectating-Mode: “&4ERROR: You cannot do this when you are not in spectator mode!”
SpectatingFalseTp: “&c{PLAYER} &etried to tp to &c{TARGET} &ewhen not in spectator mode!”
SpectatingFalseVanish: “&6{PLAYER} &etried activate vanish when not in spectator mode!”
TeleportedMessage: “&eYou have been teleported to &6{TARGET}&e!”
HasTpedTo: “&6{PLAYER} &ehas teleported to &6{TARGET}&e in spectator mode!”
VanishedMessage: “&eYou are now vanished!”
UnvanishedMessage: “&eYou are now un-vanished!”
HasVanished: “&6{PLAYER} &ehas vanished in spectator mode!”
HasUnvanished: “&6{PLAYER} &ehas un-vanished in spectator mode!”
NullTarget: “&cThere is no user online by the username of ‘&4{TARGET}&c!”
ActionBlocked: “&cYou cannot do that while in spectator mode!”

#/wild configuration (placeholders: <X> <Y> <Z>)
#Remember – you can leave titlebars / subtitle bar messages as “” if you dont want them!
Wild-Command-Cooldown: 300
Wild-Teleport-Message: “&eYou have been teleported to &a<X>&e, &a<Y>&e, &a<Z>”
Wild-Teleport-TitleBar-Message: “&aWilderness”
Wild-Teleport-SubtitleBar-Message: “&eCoordinates: &a<X>&e, &a<Y>&e, &a<Z>”
Wild-Minimum-X-Coordinate: -1000
Wild-Maximum-X-Coordinate: 1000
Wild-Minimum-Z-Coordinate: -1000
Wild-Maximum-Z-Coordinate: 1000
Minimum-Distance-From-Factions: 250

#Join/leave messages, titles and chat! Placeholders: {PLAYER} & {KILLED-BY}
Join-Title-Messages-Enabled: true
Join-Title-Message: “&9Factions&bEssentials”
Join-Subtitle-Message: “&eDeveloped by PurrfectMistake_”

Enable-Action-Bar-Join-Leave-Messages: true
Disable-Chat-Join-Leave-Messages: false
Server-Leave-Message: “&a{PLAYER} &ehas left the server”
Server-Join-Message: “&a{PLAYER} &ehas joined the server”

#Disable / Enable features(It is recommended that everything here be set to true, to get the most out of this plugin.)
#If you want to disable use of other features, just don’t give the player/s that permission! Easy as that!
Disable-Wither-Creation: true
Enable-Mention-Notifications: true
Enable-Enderpearl-Cooldown: true
Enable-Sponge-Lava: false
Disable-Death-Screen: true
Enable-Shift-Rightclick-PlayerSpy: true

#Anti-World Downloader Settings (Placeholder: {PLAYER})
Enable-Anti-WorldDownloader: true
Punish-Command: kick {PLAYER} World Downloader is not allowed on this server!

#Disable / Enable commands (REMEMBER: Open the jar file up & remove the command from the plugin’s file: plugin yml
#as well, if you want another plugin to overwrite one of these commands. Otherwise, this will just disable it.
Enable-FakeOP-Command: true
Enable-FakeDeOP-Command: true
Enable-Chat-Command: true
Enable-Smelt-Command: true
Enable-Colors-Command: true
Enable-Formats-Command: true
Enable-Who-Command: true
Enable-Toggle-Command: true
Enable-FillTnT-Command: true
Enable-Trash-Command: true
Enable-Freeze-Command: true
Enable-Nightvision-Command: true
Enable-Creeper-Command: true
Enable-TnT-Command: true
Enable-Ping-Command: true
Enable-FReload-Command: true
Enable-StaffChat-Command: true
Enable-Wild-Command: true
Enable-PlayerSpy-Command: true
Enable-Waypoints-Command: true
Enable-PlayerBlock-Command: true
Enable-Spectate-Command: true

#Bypass the blocked commands with the permission: fess.bypass
– essentials:tpa
– ecreatehome
– esethome
– essentials:esethome
– essentials:ecreatehome
– essentials:sethome
– essentials:home
– essentials:espawn
– essentials:ewarp
– ?
– plugins
– pl
– espawn
– ewarp
– ehome
– essentials:ehome
– essentials:esethome
– fbasics:wild
– minecraft:me
– stop
– end
– bukkit:plugins
[Removed from this part, because it contains insensitive words, which would be frowned upon, so i removed it just for this spigot post.


  • Fix any bugs that may occur
  • I’m continually adding updates to this plugin, so be sure to check for them!

Do you have a suggestion? Let me know! I may add it!

By downloading this resource, you agree to the following terms of use:

  • You are not permitted to redistribute the plugin in any form.
  • You are not permitted to decompile or modify the plugin in any form.
  • You will not receive any refunds.
  • You may only use this for one network / server. If you wish to purchase a license for multiple servers you own, please PM me.
  • You may not leave a “bad” review, if you’re having problems. I’m online a lot, and I’ll respond within 48h guaranteed!

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