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We use this plugin to provide players with a simple way to lock there chests by using signs.

Remember the sign-based lock plugin Lockette that is popular for years? LockettePro is a deep remade & rewrite of the original Lockette. It has massive performance enhancement, fixed bugs and completely customizable. This is the updated version for spigot 1.14 and up of the original LockettePro.

  • Original plugin 1.8 to 1.12: Link
  • 1.13 Download: Link
  • WIKI: Link


  • No database. All information required for a lock is recorded on the sign.
  • Switch to LockettePro and switch back to Lockette worry-free anytime.
  • Absolutely better performance. Performance test comparison below.
  • Language files are editable, with UTF-8 support.
  • Able to disable “bloat” features easily with no affect to performance.
  • Customizable. For instance, you can set lockable for every single block.


  • (Recommended) ProtocolLib – Download

*ProtocolLib is required for UUID support.

Install instructions

  • Place the plugin in the spigot server plugins folder, Also install ProtocolLib dependency.
  • Start the server to generate the config.
  • Do config changes if you need to and run command /lock reload to apply the changes.
  • Done.


Head to GitHub wiki page for configuration. [config.yml] [lang.yml] It is currently NOT recommended to use lock expiry feature since it will be changed. Please avoid using it in order to prevent conflicts.

How to Use LockettePro?
For players, just hold a sign in your hand, then right click a chest or any lockable block. If you want to lock a door, you may put a sign on the block above or below the door too. You may also SHIFT+RIGHT CLICK the block to prevent it get automatically locked, or you can write [Private] text manually on signs as well.

Share the chest with another user:
After claiming the chest, you can add another user on the sign. First, right click the sign, then enter /lock 3 <user name>
Share the chest with everyone:
Same as above, you just use [Everyone] (with brackets) in the username.
Add another sign:
If one sign is not enough, you may hold a sign and right click on another surface. It will snap on the surface and become a [More User] sign automatically. Placing the sign while holding SHIFT will bypass the sign creation.
Timer with doors:
I have no idea why Lockette is doing this, but I am adding this feature anyways. If you add a line [timer:X] (with brackets, and X means an integer) to a door lock, the door will automatically close after X seconds.

Even more information, please see Wiki.

Commands and Permissions
Main command is /lock. Aliases contains /lockit/lockette and /lockettepro.

  • All players have the permission to lock a chest and edit a chest by default.
  • In order to stay consistent with original Lockette, Towny server players need lockettepro.towny.wilderness in order to lock chests in the wilds.
  • Edit a sign: /lock <line number> <player>
  • Reload configuration: /lock reload, requires permission lockettepro.reload
  • Admin break lock permission: lockettepro.admin.break
  • Admin use block (snoop chests) permission: lockettepro.admin.use
  • Admin override placing interference blocks permission: lockettepro.admin.interfere
  • Admin edit any sign permission: lockettepro.admin.edit

* More info please see the wiki page.

Supported Plugins & Special Lock Line Features

WorldGuard & Residence:
If a player does not have the “break” permission to a block due to WorldGuard or Residence, then he cannot lock it.

If a sign has a user line formatted “[SomeName]”, this means any player in town or nation “SomeName” will have access to this chest.
Players are not allowed to lock a chest in the wilderness unless he has permission lockettepro.towny.wilds

Factions (from MassiveCraft):
If a sign has a user line formatted “[FactionName]”, this means any player in faction “FactionName” will have access to this chest.

If a sign has a user line formatted “[clantag]”, this means any player in that clan will have access to this chest.

If a sign has a [GroupName] in user line, anyone in that group could access it. The group is taken according to Vault.

Scoreboard Teams:
If a sign has a [TeamName] in user line, anyone in that team could access it. The team is Bukkit’s scoreboard.

Other plugins:
Some plugins are born to compatible with Lockette/LockettePro thanks to Bukkit’s event priority mechanics. Players are not able to lock a chest/block that has already protected by another plugin. Known compatible plugin includes ChestShop.

Please do not leave reviews with issues reports, use the Discussion page or github to report issues.

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