MassiveCore [Removed]

Contributors:          Cayorion, Madus, Ulumulu1510

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What is MassiveCore?
MassiveCore is a Bukkit plugin that contains components the MassiveCraft developers use for developing other Bukkit plugins:

  • ItemStack and Inventory serialization
  • Commands
  • Plugin Integration
  • Data storage with JSON
  • Disc IO
  • … and much more …

All at Once!
The download zip contains MassiveCore and all plugins: Factions, CreativeGates, Vampire, MassiveBooks, MassiveHat and MassiveTickets. They all have the same version number and are compatible with each other.

MassiveCore and the plugins are released in batches. All plugins in a release batch have the same version number. Make sure to update all the plugins at the same time.

Official Server
Join in and play with us on the official Factions RPG Minecraft Server!

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