Public Crafters

Public Crafting Tables [Removed]


Perfect for skyblock/factions/hunger games/survival!
Public Crafters also supports Lockette, LWC, and other protection plugins.

As you can see, they are push-able and pull-able with pistons
If the gif is broken view it here:

Developers can also add cool effects on crafting.
Animated GIF
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Servers running Public Crafters:

  • Spooncraft Survival:

Compatibility? What?!?
This plugin is compatible with:

  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13

If you want me to support any other version that is 1.8+, contact me:)

Still not convinced? Look at these marvelous recipes!

Public Crafters makes crafting tables public, just like the Crafting Stations from Tinkers Construct

/craftingtable <reload|toggle> – Reloads the config or toggles your privacy

publiccrafters.reload – Lets you reload the config

publiccrafters.private – Lets you use private workbenches


Code (YAML):

# The Public Crafters Config – Created by BananaPuncher714

# This determines how high the items float above the crafting table.
# 0.7 lets the blocks float just a little bit, and .61 lets the items lie flat
: .7

# This is whether or not the armorstand will be a marker; it may make the items
# appear darkened if this is true
: false

# This is how many ticks until the crafting table top updates
# Set it to 2 if the items on the table lag when using pistons to move it
: 0

# This is how a material should be turned, accepts numeric and string ids, and is written in degrees of rotation
: “0, 0, 0”

# This is how much a material should be moved from its position, in x, y, and z
: “0, 1, 0”

# Whether or not a player has private crafting enabled by default`
: false

# Whether or not the table should drop their items if no one is using it
: false

# Whether or not the items that appear are fake. May not work for every version
: true

The API:
PublicCrafters comes with the source code for you to look at over on github. If you need any assistance in making something work, feel free to contact me(BananaPuncher714) for any help, either here or on my discord server:


  • You may not charge back or ask for a refund after purchasing.
  • You may not claim any code in this plugin as your own.

By buying this plugin you agree to the ToS.

If you have any questions or suggestions I will always be happy to hear them. Bugs will get fixed ASAP as soon as they are detected. Please use the discussion page for any suggestions, questions, bugs or stuff you’d like to see added. 🙂

If you really enjoyed this plugin please consider leaving a review! 🙂


Recent Updates

  1. Crafting Table Admin Locks and Bugfix
  2. Minor internal bugfixes
  3. Recipe fix!

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