TreeFeller [Removed]


Tree Feller is an addon for EpicWorldGenerator;

Tree Feller simply cut down all kind of trees. EpicWorldGenerator contain some custom trees that does not play well with other tree feller plugins. The problem with the other tree fellers is that they are bad at recognize what that is trees. They also start to lag when the tree is bit big. This plugin is simply here to fill the gap. It is using better algorithms to detect what that is a tree and it is doing it async. It will also cut down the tree async with FAWE.

  • Async calculations
  • mcMMO support (turn it on in the settings)
  • Lightweight
  • Handle durability
  • Automatically switch tool if the current tool get broken and the inventory contains other tools that can be used.
  • Require the player to be in gamemode survival
  • Support following anticheat plugins;
    • NoCheatPlus
    • AAC
    • Spartan
Code (Text):
“mcMMOTreeFeller”: false,//Hook into mcMMO?
“instantTreeCut”: false,//Ignore cutting speed values?
“instantToInventory”: true,
“plantSapling”: true,//replant a sapling of the tree type
“particles”: true,//break animation?
“maxLogBlocksPerCut”: 50, //max blocks cutted per cut
“delay”: 0,
“cuttingSpeed”: {
“IRON_AXE”: 1,
“GOLD_AXE”: 1,

Permission to use a tool is defined like this;
treefeller.use.<tool name>, eg “treefeller.use.*” or “treefeller.use.diamond_axe”

Async calculations and block updates improves the performances a lot vs a normal tree feller.​


For all issues with the plugin, report them here;
For support messages; send me a message @minelazz

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