Banner Maker

Banner Maker


We use this plugin to easily create and edit banners, most of the banners in the shops were created using this plugin

English / 英文

Feel banner is fun but you don’t know how to craft?
It’s too hard to craft so you make wrong usually?
You must try this plugin.

Using just one command, you can use GUI of this plugin to design any kind of banner.
You don’t need to know how to craft. All you need to know is how it will looks like.


  • Design and save banner
  • Look up recipe of banner
  • Support UUID
  • Multi language support (Setting in config.yml)
  • Economic support (need Vault)
  • Material estimates
  • Craft banner by using materials

How to use

  • Look at pictures at bottom of page

/bm – Open main gui (Permission: BannerMaker.use)
/bm help – Command list
/bm hand – Show banner info of the banner in hand (Permission: BannerMaker.hand)
/bm see – Show banner info of the banner you’re looking at (Permission: BannerMaker.see)
/bm reload – Reload config (Permission: BannerMaker.reload)

Other Permissions
BannerMaker.* – Whole permission
BannerMaker.getBanner – Get banners from GUI – Get banners for free


  1. Shutdown the server
  2. Put the .jar into the plugins folder
  3. Start the server

Change Logs
Read in


Chinese / 中文


Video Tutorial

English (Thanks Numero Uno)

Spanish (Thanks Dev-Ismati5)

Spanish (Thanks Maximiliano)

Turkish (Thanks Mustafa Akyüz)

English (Thanks ServerMiner)

Chinese (Thanks Openser Tk)

Thai (Thanks VictoryCast)

Russian (Thanks Art Iw)


[​IMG] [​IMG]

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