Heads (1500+ Heads + Add Your Own!)

Heads (1500+ Heads + Add Your Own!) [Removed]

Source: (Removed / Abandond Premium Resource, Can only be found on BSMC now) https://blackspigot.com/downloads/heads-1500-heads-add-your-own-1-6-3.823/

A simple heads menu plugin which allows players to easily retrieve heads for use in building.

– Easy to use menu to select heads to use
– 1500+ built in categorized heads
– All heads fully cached, they won’t take ages for the textures to load
– Add your own heads to the cache using a simple command
– Search functionality to find the perfect head!
– Custom categories
– Heads remember their names after being placed and picked up again when using BlockStore
– Auto reloading configuration
– Customisable menus
– All messages customisable
– Economy Support, make people pay for heads
– Hat mode to use in lobbies



Food Menu

Placed Heads

Menu Usage

If you install the plugin BlockStore, Heads will hook into it and will make it so when you place heads and pick them back up again they remember their name.

/heads (alias /head)
Open the heads menu

/heads search <search query>
Search to find the perfect head

/heads get <name>
Get a players head from their name

/heads add <player name> <category> <name>
Add a new head to the menu. If the category does not exist it will be created.

/heads hand <category> <name>

Add the head in your hand to the menu

/heads remove
Opens a menu where you can select a head to remove

/heads rename <new name>
Opens a menu where you can select a head to rename it

/heads random
Get a random head from the menu

/heads cost <new cost>
Opens a menu where you can set a heads cost

/heads id
Opens a menu where you can select a head to get its id

/heads give <head id> <player> <amount>
Give players heads from the cache

The Commands can be changed in the config yml. See Configuration for more information.

Allow people to open and get heads from the menu

Allow people to obtain heads from a players name

Allow people to add heads to the cache

Allow people to remove heads from the cache

Allow people to rename heads in the cache


Allow people to search heads in the cache

Allow people to get heads ids in the cache

Allow people to give heads from the cache to others

Allow people to use the /heads random command to get a random head

Give people permission to add heads from their hand

Allow people to set the cost of heads in the menu

Allow people to bypass having to pay for heads

Stop players from using specific categories.

By default all players have this permission, so you would have to add it as a negative permission to stop someone using a category.

E.g. “-heads.category.humans”

The configuration files will automatically reload when changed.

cache yml
Do not edit this file, use /heads <add:remove> instead to manage it.

menus yml
This file contains all the items for the menus and their names. If you want to change the type, data, name or lore of any items in the menu, here is where you can do it.

Item Format
The format of each item is like so:
Code (Text):
<item name>:
type: <item id>
data: <data value>
name: ‘<name of item>’
– ‘<lore of item>’
– ‘<Some more lore>’
Tip: & colour codes can be used in the name and the lore to add colour.
Find a list of the different colours at http://ess.khhq.net/mc/.

Tip: You can find a list of all the different types and data values for the different items at http://minecraft-ids.grahamedgecombe.com/.

Tip: All of the values are optional except for the type. If an item is missing one of these values, just add it and it should work. Alternatively you can also remove different values like the data when they are not needed.

config yml
In the config yml you can change the commands that the plugin uses. This is mostly to fix compatibility issues with other plugins. You can also use this plugin to configure the plugins economy support.

By default the commands section looks like this:
Code (Text):
label: ‘heads’
– ‘head’
description: ‘Get cool heads’
add: ‘add’
remove: ‘remove’
rename: ‘rename’
get: ‘get’
give: ‘give’
# open menu is when no arguments are supplied
# help is shown whenever arguments are supplied but are not recognised
enabled: false
# Use 0 for no cost
default-head-cost: 0
economy -> enabled
This value can be either true or false. This value controls whether economy is used in the plugin. If you wish for people to have to pay for heads, then set this to true.

economy -> default-head-cost
This value can be any 0 or any positive value. This value controls the default amount players have to pay for the heads in the menu. This can be overridden per head by using the /heads cost <new cost> command.

commands -> label

The label is the command you put in, similar to aliases. So, currently you can put in /heads and that is the label.

commands -> aliases
The aliases are similar to the label, although these can be overriden by other plugins if they have the same commands. This is where you would add commands you want apart from the main label.

commands -> description
This is used in the /help command, but other than that this option will do very little.

commands -> sub-commands
Each of these is the sub commands you use to run various actions. For example /heads get <name> is a sub command. If you wanted to change the get part of the command you can do so by changing the line “get: ‘get'” to something like “get: ‘find'”. This would change /heads get to /heads find.

Hat mode makes it so when you purchase a head from the menu it gets put on your head as a hat instead of in your inventory.

This plugin fully supports all 1.8+ spigot servers, however do not expect full functionality on versions before the 1.8 protocol hack or on modified spigot jars, even though this plugin should work on them.

1) Please only use this on one network that you own. I cannot do much to enforce this so i’m leaving this up to the buyer to do the morally right thing.

2) Do not distribute this plugin anywhere without my consent. Doing so will result in you being removed off of the buyers list, meaning you will not get any further updates.

Please if you have an issue to report, report it in the discussion thread instead of posting a bad review!

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