Hangman [Removed]

Source: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/hangman

Nothing happens in your server chat? You are looking for a funny game?

This plugin is the classic version of the game “Hangman”. One player sets a word, and the other players have to guess it. They can guess single letters or the whole word. They have 12 tries.

Usability: I tested this plugin on my server for a while. All new players immediately understood how it works.

How it works

One player starts a new game:

All other players can guess the word:


  • Self-Explaining Commands
  • News Message to advertise the new plugin (You can disable it in the config yml)
  • 5 second Guess Timeout to prevent message spam
  • Simple Swear Filter with autokick (Look at the config yml)

Commands (in Version 1.1.1)

Command Description Minimal Permission Node
/guess <letter/word> Guess the word. hangman.guess
/hangman Displays the help. hangman.guess
/hangman hide Hide all game messages. hangman.guess
/hangman show Show game messages. hangman.guess
/hangman new <word> Open a new game with the given word. hangman.new
/hangman hint <letter> Give players a hint. hangman.new
/hangman kill Stop a game. hangman.kill

Permissions (in Version 1.1.1)

  • hangman.guess
  • hangman.new
  • hangman.kill

The plugin also works without permission systems: By default, all players can guess words and start new games, but only OPs can kill games.

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