OldCombatMechanics [Removed]

Source: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/oldcombatmechanics

Rayzr522, gvlfm78

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Unlike similar plugins, this plugin focuses on efficiency so as to not hinder the performance of your server.

Available features:

  • Master & per-world toggle for each module
  • All modules are fully customisable
  • Remove weapon cooldown
  • Setting tool damage as in pre-1.9
  • Make players regenerate like in pre-1.9 & with correct exhaustion
  • Give players a shield while they right click with a sword
  • Have armour be as strong as in pre-1.9
  • Disable sword sweep attack
  • Option to disable shield crafting
  • Disable off-hand (with white/blacklist)
  • Make shields block 1/2 a heart instead of reduce damage to 33%
  • Have arrows not be stopped by shields
  • Re-add snowball, egg & enderpearl knockback
  • Disable player collisions
  • Enchanted golden apple crafting
  • Customisable enchanted & golden apple potion effects
  • Fishing rods knockback and damage like in pre-1.9 (customisable)
  • Automatically add blaze powder to brewing stands
  • Automatically add lapis in enchanting tables
  • Stop usage of elytra
  • Disable random projectile trajectories
  • Disable bow boosting

This plugin requires Java 8.

[​IMG] Hotels – allows you to create hotels and rent the rooms
[​IMG] InactiveLockette – Allows players to remove Lockette locks of inactive players.

This plugin uses MCStats and bStats metrics. You can disable either in the respective plugin folders.

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