Image result for rmellis headrmellis: This plugin does not work very well and we don’t recommend using it, it causes more problems than it solves but can be a good last resort for a 1 time unload with risk of unloading others by “mistake” however the old builds for CraftBukkit 1.5.2 and below were always Very good, its a shame it got so messed up.

The updated and reboot of Plugin Manager originally found on BukkitDev.

Launch version of Plugin Manager Reloaded. This contains many of the features of the original plugin, just rewritten and updated for maintainability.


  • Load new plugins
  • Unload existing plugins*
  • Enable plugins
  • Disable Plugins
  • Reload plugins
  • Show information about the plugin, including jar, author, version, and the website
  • List the plugins alphabetically, with their version number, or both.

Commands and Permissions

Command is /pluginmanagerreloaded
Aliases are: /pm, /plm, /plman
/plm – Shows the Menu
/plm enable <plugin> – pluginmanager.enable – Enables a plugin
/plm disable <plugin> – pluginmanager.disable – Disables a plugin
/plm load <file> – pluginmanager.load – Load a plugin’s .jar to the server
/plm unload <plugin> – pluginmanager.unload – Disables a plugin, then unloads it from the server
/plm reload <plugin> – pluginmanager.reload – Unloads and then loads the plugin
/plm sreload <plugin> – pluginmanager.sreload – Disables and then enables the plugin
/plm show <plugin – – Show’s detailed information about the plugin
/plm list [options] – pluginmanager.list – Lists plugins based on arguments below.

pluginmanager.notify – Receive notifications that there is a new build available in your channel.
pluginmanager.* – Gives all permissions to use pluginmanager.

All default to true for OPs

List Options

-v/-version — Lists all plugins with version numbers
-a/-alphabetical — Lists all plugins in alphabetical order
-o/-options — Lists available options for list
-s:<plugin>/-search:<plugin> — Search plugin list for plugins with <plugin> in their name.


Metrics – This plugin measures metrics. This can be disabled for this plugin alone by changing the configuration “Statistics” to false.

Self Update Checker – This plugin also automatically checks for updates on each start up. You can disable the update check by setting “Updater.StartCheck” to false. You can also disable notifications by setting “Updater.Notify” to false.

Language Support – This plugin is intended to support multiple locales. Are you interested in providing a translation to the project? Please feel free to contact me if so. I would like as much language support as possible for this. You will receive full credit for your work, and my eternal thanks. Currently only English is supported. You can create your own language file, or modify that to your heart’s content.

Future Plans – Future plans of this project include the ability to download and install plugins directly from the commands, to check each plugin for updates and update them automatically, and any other features that are requested.

* Current issue with unloading of certain plugins that have an open SQL or sqlite connections not being able to be deleted/modified on certain systems. This is currently being investigated and will be addressed in a hotfix update.

Feel free to contact me for any more information, and thanks for stopping by.

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