Redstone clock detector

RedClockDetector [Removed]

RedClockDetector is the plugin for trusting your players with redstone again!
I have released a discord server where you can get support, ask questions, or post suggestions about RCD!

> Detect redstone clocks within seconds
> Notify staff over a easy-to-use clickable chat message
(Staff can do /redclock silent, to stop getting these messages)
Schermafbeelding 2017-03-24 om 15.40.19.png 
> Automatically disable clocks
Schermafbeelding 2017-03-11 om 17.53.16.png 
> Fully customizable
> Pick between different ways for the plugin to run
> Ignore specific clocks from warning staff
> Easy to use click-gui
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> Base command /redclock
Schermafbeelding 2017-03-24 om 15.51.00.png
The entire command index can be customized
In the messages yml file
> /redclock reload 
(Permission redclock.admin)
Reload the config yml (does not reload messages yml!)
> /redclock ignore
Manage all ignored clocks
> /redclock worldmanager
Manage the worlds this plugin should function in (Permission redclock.admin)
> /redclock enabled
(Permission redclock.admin)
Enable the plugin
> /redclock disable
(Permission redclock.admin)
Disable the plugin
> /redclock scan <seconds>
(Permission redclock.admin)
If the plugin is disabled, you can enable it for X amount of seconds
> /redclock config
sub-command to edit (almost) the entire config ingame (Permission redclock.admin)
/redclock license
this message will be shown when people with none of the permissions type /redclock. (This is the only part of the plugin you cannot customize, please dont try to disable it)
> redclock.admin
Gain acces to all permissions
> redclock.notify
Get a notification whenever a clock is found
Allow staff to turn off notifications!
> redclock.teleport
Get acces to the [teleport] chat command
> redclock.disable
Get acces to the [disable] chat command
> redclock.destroy
Get acces to the [destroy] chat command
> redclock.coordinates
Get acces to the [coordinates] chat command
> redclock.reset
Get acces to the [reset] chat command
> redclock.nearby
Get acces to the [nearby] chat command
> redclock.ignore
Get acces to the [ignore] (chat) command
> redclock.scan
Get acces to the /redclock scan <time>. command
> redclock.gui
Get acces to the [gui] (chat) command
> A video showing the plugin (please note this video is fairly old, and I will record a new one soon)

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