Have you ever had players writing bad messages on signs? Or just wanted to know whats happening in general? Well, SignSpy is here to help, Whenever someone places down a sign, it will say where the sign was placed, who placed it, what it says, and which world it was placed in. It is very simple to use, all the config can be edited in game and if you dont want to customize it, you dont have to.


signspy.spy – admin notifications (cords, what it says, etc…)
signspy.recieve – normal player messages saying what they placed (only to them) – Access to /signspy help
signspy.on (to view messages must have signspy.spy)
signspy.gui – Access to /signspy gui
signspy.joinmsg – Gets Join messages
signspy.cupdate – /signspy cupdate – /signspy checkupdate permission
signspy.reload – permission to reload config
signspy.configgui – Permission to open config gui
signspy.setprefix – Permission to set prefix
signspy.setlog – Pemission to set logfile
Added -signspy.setformat – Permission to set signspy format


/signspy help – help menu
/signspy on – Enable sign spy
/signspy off – Disable sign spy
/signspy gui – Signspy GUI
/signspy cupdate – Check for updates
/signspy checkupdate – Check for updates
-/signspy reload – Reloads config
-/signspy reloadconf – Reloads config
-/signspy reloadconfig – Reloads config
-/signspy update – Updates the plugin
-/signspy cfiggui – opens config gui
-/signspy configgui – opens config gui
-/signspy setprefix <prefix>
-/signspy setlog <logfile>
-/signspy setformat <format>

Format Placeholders:
%player% – Username of player
%world% – World sign was placed in
%blockx% – Sign X
%blocky% – Sign Y
%blockz% – Sign Z

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