Simple Prefix: Allows you to easily manage your chat with prefixes and suffixes.
This plugin uses prefixes and suffixes that are very easy to configure, from inside of an yml config file. You apply prefixes and suffixes per user or group in the /SimplePrefix/config yml file.

Alternatively, Simple Prefix can be configured to get the prefixes and suffixes from Vault supported chat plugins instead (PermissionsEx, bPermissions, etc.)

Command Function Permission
/spr help
 Displays help Depends on other permissions
/spr colours Displays all colour codes > simpleprefix.command.colors
/spr p g <group> [prefix] Add/remove prefix from specified group > simpleprefix.command.editGroups
/spr s g <group> [suffix] Add/remove suffix from specified group > simpleprefix.command.editGroups
/spr p u <user> [prefix] Add/remove prefix from a single player > simpleprefix.command.editIndividual
/spr s u <user> [suffix] Add/remove suffix from a single player > simpleprefix.command.editIndividual
/spr p [prefix] Add/remove prefix from yourself > simpleprefix.command.editOwn
/spr s [suffix] Add/remove suffix from yourself > simpleprefix.command.editOwn
/spr w <world> [nickname] Add/remove a world nickname > simpleprefix.command.editWorld
/spr reload Reloads config from file simpleprefix.command.reload
> Permission for all commands simpleprefix.command.*


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