The Tropical World


is a world gen plugin i was working for some time now and with the new jungle biomes being out i decided to complete it. So what does Tropic do?
Well it generates a world that is fully covered with a thick rainforest. The Terrain has some nice hills/beaches, but also pretty high mountains.
The Generator features a lot of unique BlockPopulators for a individual look:

  • 3 Different, fully custom tree types featuring generated world-trees
  • Lakes and small creeks
  • “Glowshrooms”
  • Bushes and all other foliage that can be found in minecraft
  • All ores/lava/gravel/etc you need
  • Custom caves


Also thanks alot to @codename_B for allowing me to use his BlockPopulators.

And as always, feedback and suggestions are always welcome, hope you like it.

this world is based on 1.2.3

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