The Nordic World


Nordic is a Worldgenerator which creates a world that will have a nordic looking. There are continents and smaller islands. There are lakes, a custom Treetype, some caves and all ores/mushrooms/flowers/lava… whatever you need. Most of the screenshots were made during development using the seed 1337 if you want to try this world. You might experience some strange spawning locations and some strange blocks around the generated lakes, but it should be very rare.

You have to know how to edit the bukkit.yml or use a plugin that does this part for you, like Pinapp.
The command & permission beneath are not needed if you use Pinapp or edit the bukkit.yml, i just left them in so its possible to take a look on a Nordic world without doing any configuration stuff.

MOAR SCREENS!!111 (including a shiny 360° panorama)

Also thanks alot to @codename_B for allowing me to use his BlockPopulators.

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