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Source Code:
AnjoCaido, KHobbits, ElgarL

GroupManager was one of the first permission plugins ever available for Bukkit. Although there are plugins such as LuckPerms with more functionality than GroupManager, and the official support and development of Essentials plugins has ended, GroupManager is still preferred over other plugins by lots of server administrators.

(v0.2.0++ For 1.14)


For 1.7.8 – 1.8.9 – The last version of the Original GroupManager:…7-1-11-2-builds.38875/download?version=168836

For 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x – An updated fork by who knows who:…7-1-11-2-builds.38875/download?version=168837

For 1.12.x – 1.13.x – GroupManagerX:…7-1-11-2-builds.38875/download?version=168840

For 1.13.x – Updated by Xadzkon:



  • Some plugins do not support GroupManager to a full extent. This doesn’t mean that players will have infinite access to plugin’s commands, but rather that the plugin simply won’t hook into GroupManager (e.g. a chat plugin).
  • On some combinations of versions of Minecraft, Spigot, GroupManager and chat plugins prefixes and suffixes do not work. If you are using EssentialsXChat, please install Vault as well before using GroupManager. (If I remember correctly, in the second version, that is for 1.9 – 1.11, prefixes and suffixes do not work at all, but you shouldn’t run those versions anyway now.)

Support & Bug reports



  • Update deprecated code
  • RegEx in permissions
  • Sync ranks across Bungee servers ??
  • Database support ??
  • Bungee permission handler ??

(No promises / guarantees for updates.)

Please leave a ✮✮✮✮✮ rating if you enjoy the plugin! If you have any issues, do not leave it in the ratings section, instead write to GitHub.
Thank you.

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