Weather News

Weather News


This plugin was abandoned a long time ago, it is now maintained on spigot by us so that other servers can once again use this resource, It’s used to show detailed weather information in chat as it changes.

WeatherNews is a small, simple yet powerful plugin that shows weather information in chat.
Every time the weather changes it will be announced, It will explain in detail what’s happening, how long it will stay that way and what’s most likely to be next.
This plugin was originally made by Namarius in early 2011, I used it back on Minecraft 1.2 back in 2012 and it was a great addition for a survival server but unfortunately it had not received an update since 2012.
I’ve updated this best i can and made some nice adjustments including two new variables for Italic and Bold text aswell as a modern new look, see example screenshots below…
‘ Enjoy!​

When you Download this you will get a .zip file, open that and select the version that you need for your server, Then simply drop the .jar file in the plugins folder.

Tested Working in: [Paper | Spigot | CraftBukkit | Tuinity]

******** More information on the Spigot Listing Here ********

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